Mezzanine Financingcpl_mezzanine

While equity and debt loans are fine for most situations, commercial real estate investors sometimes need a solution that is more robust. At CounselPro Lending, we offer mezzanine financing, which combines features of both equity and debt programs into one powerful and versatile financing solution.

What Is Mezzanine Financing?

Our mezzanine financing program acts as subordinated debt with an equity component, so it has a much lower priority in your hierarchy of loans. Our mezzanine loans offer up to $500,000,000 in funding for commercial real estate investments, and can be used for acquisitions, or construction on larger projects. Our mezzanine financing can be repaid in the following ways:

  • Cash interest
  • PIK (Payable In Kind) interest
  • Equity stake to keep a project on track

The CounselPro Advantage

Our mezzanine financing program is structured around the overall profitability of your commercial real estate project. Unlike traditional loans, our mezzanine financing can be arranged quickly and customized to fit your needs. Contact our team today to get things in motion.