Tap Into Expedited and Economical Franchise Financing

franchise-financingCounselPro Lending offers specialized funding that can help you get a franchise up and running, whether you are an aspiring first-time owner or an experienced current owner. Our franchise financing can support a number of objectives, and you never have to worry about missing crucial deadlines while waiting on funding. We streamline the pre-qualification process, and we always show respect for both you and your time.

Flexible Loans With Reasonable Terms

We can provide funding to help you purchase property, acquire an existing franchise, construct a new building, make improvements to a franchise or acquire necessary operating equipment. We also can help you refinance. All of our franchise loans feature the following reasonable terms:

  • We finance up to 90 percent of the LTV ratio.
  • We additionally can provide cash to act as working capital.
  • We offer competitive rates starting at 6 percent over maximum 25-year terms.
  • We can make this financing quickly available even to first-time owners.

We don’t charge prepayment penalties on any of these loans. As a result, if your business starts generating more profit than expected, you can maximize your assets instead of losing equity paying interest or prepayment fees.

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Don’t let difficulty securing financing get in the way of your dream of owning a franchise or building on your current ownership. Call CounselPro Lending today to learn more about our program or discuss your specific funding options.