Equipment Leasing and Financing Options for Any Business

equipment-financingCounselPro Lending offers various equipment leasing and financing options to help your business free up cash or secure necessary equipment. We can provide up to $150,00 based solely on your application, and with documentation, you may receive over $500,000. Most of our financing requires no upfront payments.

For your convenience, we provide flexible payment options and an expedited approval process. We approve smaller loans in 24 hours and larger loans in less than one week. We offer terms up to 84 months and programs that are designed to meet your unique objectives.

Use the Equity in Your Equipment

If you need to free up working capital, we have an affordable solution. We can buy the equipment that you currently own and give you funding based on its value. Once you have repaid us, the equipment is yours once again.

Get Your Business Up and Running

Securing financing is often difficult for emerging companies. We have a special program for start-ups that are less than two years old. We can help you secure the equipment that your new business needs to thrive.

Rebuild Your Credit

If your personal or business credit took a hit during the recession, we can help. We offer financing to businesses with B, C and D credits. Our program allows you to build your business and credit back up to a stronger position.

Secure Government or Municipal Equipment

We promise approved financing to any government or municipal body. The rating of your entity determines the rates that we can offer. We work with armed services, government agencies, schools, libraries, police and fire departments, among other entities.

Reasons to Choose Leasing

Today, leasing provides a popular alternative to conventional equipment financing. Leasing can help you do all of the following:

  • Reduce costs. You typically avoid down payments and enjoy low monthly payments.
  • Maintain liquidity. Leasing offers an alternative to using working capital or credit.
  • Stay current. Owning outdated equipment is never an issue when you lease.
  • Lock in rates. Leasing lets you secure fixed long-term rates.
  • Save on taxes. Leasing simplifies tax paperwork and may even reduce your liability.

Get Started Today!

Leasing can position your business more strongly in both the short and long run. To learn more about this exciting alternative, contact CounselPro Lending today for a free assessment of your business and your financing options.

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