Convert Your Long-Term Contracts Into a Form of Financing

contract-financingContract financing from CounselPro Lending can help your business receive upfront funding based on the value of your long-term contracts. We can tailor your funding to fit your needs and the terms of any of your qualifying contracts. Our economical financing allows you to receive the cash you need now instead of waiting for contract payments to come in over the next several years.

Qualifying for Financing

You may be eligible for our financing program if you meet a few basic criteria. Your contract must be worth over $1 million, and your client must have credit that is near investment grade or better. If the contract in question is a service contract, it must include an equipment component. Service maintenance contracts don’t qualify for our program, although we may have other options available if you specialize in these contracts.

Preferred Industries

Our financing is an ideal solution for many start-ups and growing companies. We particularly recommend it for companies based in the following industries:

  • General technology and disruptive technology
  • Computer systems and computer software
  • Digital broadcasting, communications and entertainment
  • Waste disposal, water purifying and recycling
  • Medical, retail, banking and food processing
  • Municipal and education

This isn’t an exclusive list; if you work in another sector, feel free to contact us and learn whether our financing provides a good fit.

Learn What You Qualify For

Find out more about our contract financing and your eligibility for our program by calling CounselPro Lending today. After conducting a complimentary analysis of your business, we can discuss your potential financing options in greater detail.