Why Wealthy People Invest in Multifamily Property

In contrast to other types of investment opportunities, multifamily rental units are a relatively stable investment. Choosing buildings selectively and working with excellent management companies can lay the foundation for an investment that will continue to become increasingly overwhelming over time. Individuals whose assets are sitting stagnant in low-yield accounts or sitting precariously in equities in a volatile market may be better served to follow the course taken by wealthy investors and turn towards multifamily housing.

Leveraged Earnings

While you may not be able to pay cash for an entire multifamily property, you shouldn’t necessarily let having to take out a mortgage deter you from a purchase. Taking advantage of rates while they’re favorably low will help ensure a positive position, and your rental income will fund your mortgage payments every month until it’s fully amortized.

Tax Benefits

There are numerous tax advantages to a multifamily investment. You’ll be paying a lesser amount of taxes on income derived from a real estate investment than you would for other capital gains.

Depreciating Overhead

The costs associated with managing a multifamily property may seem somewhat daunting. However, the longer that you stay in control of a property, the greater the possibility for savings on overhead. You can establish good relationships with management companies, vendors, and service providers. The individual companies that who are eager to retain your business will offer you competitive pricing.

Incoming Capital to Offset Expenses

Of course, it’s possible that property investors will have to contend with unforeseen expenses such as capital needs improvements. However, this typically doesn’t represent an insurmountable hardship to an investor with ample resources. Moreover, the value of their investment income will tend to offset the cost imposed by the need for repairs and improvements so that they don’t turn into losses.

Continuous Growth Potential

Rental prices generally don’t decline in an area with a high-demand for housing; they only increase over time. A property that cost $450,000 could be well worth over 50% more in a matter of years. Should you choose to part with the property, and it is in good or better condition than when you took it on, you could see a significant return.

Ultimately, investing in multifamily housing is a strategic and forward-thinking opportunity that attracts savvy investors. If you’re relatively new to the world of real estate investment, it’s advisable to work with an experienced partner or join a syndicate of investors who can offer you support and guidance.


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