Thinking About a New Business? Consider These Franchises

Innovative franchises are quickly becoming hot business opportunities for those seeking unique ways to start a new venture. Instead of putting the time, effort, and investment into a brand new unaffiliated business, these types of prospects offer entrepreneurs a way to adapt an already proven idea. The truth is that some of these concepts have reached their point of saturation and are not experiencing growth. There are still a few types of businesses following this model that continue to show high margins of revenue and are ready for expansion. Pizza shops, real estate management companies, and enrichment programs for children are some of the top new ventures that many people are considering.

Pizza Shops

While opening your own restaurant can be a risky opportunity, a franchise offers an aspiring restaurateur a chance to go with an idea that has a proven track record. One of the more popular cuisine ideas that have experienced growth in the past few years is the pizza concept. The corner pizza and sub shop has been updated to include more different types of pizza such as brick oven, coal-fired, New York style, Chicago style, and healthier options. Focusing on a unique aspect of the pizza industry can make your location stand out and find its group of loyal customers. Another hot trend in this industry is the assembly line model that allows a pizza to be constructed step by step according to the customer’s specifications.

Real Estate Management Boutiques

For the growing number of rental property owners in the nation, franchises like real estate management companies can help navigate the process. Because of the volatile housing market recently, many people have properties that have been unable to sell, so they decide to rent. Being a landlord takes a specific type of experience that the average person doesn’t have, so they turn to property managers to help them find occupants and take care of maintenance and rent payments.

Enrichment Programs for Children

Lastly, as this generation of parents seeks more ways to enrich the lives of their children, franchises that offer enrichment programs for young people are quickly growing in number. Some parents seek tutoring services that can help their kids meet the increasingly more difficult academic standards of the Common Core. Other parents are searching for ways to help make their children more well-rounded with various activities like sports, music, acting, or science-based activities.

When thinking about franchises that may be right for you, consider a wide range of industries and business models to see which best matches your needs and expectations. Once you’ve chosen your preferred business type, you can move forward to being an entrepreneur.


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