The Top 3 Reasons You Need A Business Loan


Owning a business can be thrilling and scary at the same time. The rewards are limitless, but there are also a lot of unknowns – mostly centered around money. When businesses reach that milestone where they need to expand, it is almost impossible to do without extra working capital. Trying to find growth capital from within the business will only put a further strain on company’s cash flow, leaving entrepreneurs with the option of getting a business loan.

A business loan is manageable

Many people shy away from the concept of getting a business loan because they think it will inhibit their business operations. While many traditional bank loans can have certain limitations – especially for first time borrowers – private and commercial lenders have a number of business loan products that are designed with flexible terms and rates, so that businesses can grow successfully without feeling restricted in their expenses. Whether it is a straight business loan or a merchant cash advance (which is repaid based on sales, rather than monthly installments) there are manageable financing options available to every type of business imaginable.

A business loan will unleash potential

Entrepreneurs sometimes buy into the myth that a business loan is prohibitive to what they want to accomplish. They focus on the debt of the loan itself, and not the potential to grow and increase revenue, thereby diminishing that red number on the balance sheet. The majority of successful entrepreneurs did not get where they are today by paying for everything out of their own pockets. They leveraged loans and other commercial financing to grow their businesses to the point where the repayment of those loans was completely overshadowed by the volume of sales. A loan exists to increase your profitability, and many forms of commercial lending are designed not to show up as debt on your balance sheet.

A business loan will make your business thrive

All business owners know that when an opportunity presents itself, you have to take it. When your company needs to grow, simply putting it off out of fear of getting a business loan will hurt your business, while your competitors speed ahead of you. Taking out a loan gives your business the advantage of staying power. Even a short-term business loan will have positive quantifiable results in the long run, allowing entrepreneurs to expand facilities, hire more staff, get better equipment, and cover larger customer orders.


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