The Ins and Outs of Hotel Financing

Both hotels that have been established and those in the beginning stages may consider hotel financing. Obtaining financing is a major business decision and should not be taken lightly; much thought, consideration, and preparation should go into the process, even before the business applies for the loan. If you are considering financing for your hotel venture, consider the ins and outs of the process before you get started.

Common Uses

There are different types of business owners that apply for hotel financing, therefore there are several ways that the loans can be used. Of course, they are used for building, but they are also commonly used for renovations and expansions on existing properties. Some hotels may be looking to attract more guests and choose to take out loans to cover the addition of new services or amenities. Another way that hotel owners may look to enhance their facilities may be to increase their efficiency or productivity. In such instances, the funds may be used to hire a marketing manager or add energy-efficient products around the hotel. With such diverse needs for hotel financing, many financers offer different types of financing options.

Different Finance Options

Bank and small business loans are commonly used for hotel financing by hotel owners that are looking to enhance their facilities. Along with banks, private lenders offer a few different loan options. Many offer cash advance loans with average repayment terms of six months. Some lenders debit a set amount from the hotel’s business account daily, while merchant cash advance lenders take a percentage of the transactions the business makes until the debt is repaid. The needs and state of your business, along with the terms of the agreement, will help you to determine which type of hotel financing to utilize.


Once you have done your research and selected an appropriate loan type and provider, you will need to apply for a loan. The lender will access the documentation you submit along with any background investigation they may do. Depending upon the type of loan, the lender may examine your business credit score. After approval, you will complete the paperwork to instate your loan, and in a few days, you would receive the money in your business account. Be sure that you completely review and understand all aspects of the contract so that you know your responsibilities, as well as those of the lender.

The hotel financing process has several different parts, however, if you take your time to fully understand them, you can set your hotel up for great success.


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