Small Business CRE Loans: Why Non-Bank Lending Is the Solution

The commercial real estate market has a very strong outlook for the future. A strong economy, combined with record low interest rates and high employment numbers have created a big demand for commercial real estate throughout the United States. Along with the CRE demand comes the need for capital, and non-bank lenders are taking the lead.

How Non-Bank Lending Differs from Traditional Institutions

Loan regulations have become more restrictive over the past few years. With the Dodd-Frank Act, Base III risk-capital rules and others, the commercial real estate sector is less profitable for traditional lenders. Additionally, prohibitively high requirements and arbitrary interest rate hikes have left business owners and property investors wary of using traditional institutions for CRE financing. As a result, small business owners are turning to non-bank lending solutions. Non-bank lenders understand the needs of small businesses, and also have a better comprehension of commercial real estate markets. Non-bank lending solutions can be tailored to the size and scope of individual commercial real estate transactions without the gated entry and red tape of traditional lending channels.

Why Non-Bank Lending Is Essential to the CRE Market

Non-bank lending offers a number of advantages to small businesses and investors who are looking for commercial real estate, such as:

  • Non-bank lenders offer a wider range of CRE financing programs than traditional institutions
  • Non-bank lenders do not take public or private deposits.
  • Traditional lending channels must follow a chain of command, while non-bank lenders can handle approvals in-house, resulting in faster processing and disbursement.
  • Non-bank lending is transactional, and not structured around pushing additional banking services on clients.
  • Traditional institutions favor projects in established markets and well-known organizations, while non-bank lenders are friendlier to smaller borrowers that fall outside of strict parameters. CounselPro Lending works to ensure that borrowers feel comfortable and understand every step of the loan process, and can help drive the CRE deal to conclusion.
  • Traditional lending channels use standardized procedures and treat all borrowers the same way. CounselPro Lending is a team of specialists. We can better guide borrowers through the specific requirements of the loan process. We review each business in the context of its industry to underwrite them appropriately.
  • Borrowers value non-bank lenders for their ability to make decisions quickly and get time-sensitive deals funded.

The experts at CounselPro Lending are non-bank lenders with a focus on the CRE market. We specialize in guiding borrowers through the lending process so they can review the options we offer and decide which is the best fit for their needs. We also have fast approval and processing times, so you get the funding you need, when you need it. Contact CounselPro Lending today and partner with a non-bank lender who will look out for our best interest and handle your transaction with the personalization you deserve.


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