Should You Get a Franchise Loan?

Opening a franchise can be an exciting and profitable endeavor. However, starting one can be expensive. If you do not have the money saved up to make the required initial investment, then it might be best to take out a loan. Below are some situations in which a franchise loan can help and other situations where you will not qualify for one.

Can a Franchise Loan Pay for Start-up Fees?

Did you know that opening a franchise, on average, can cost anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000? Because of this high price tag, it’s not likely that many people are going to have the required amount of money saved up in order to make their initial investment without taking out a loan. This is where franchise loans come into play. Before you talk to your lending institution about taking out a loan, make sure that you have all of your facts straight. Know what business you are investing in and make sure that you have a solid plan to make money off the business once you open it.

It should be noted that there are some cases in which you cannot take out a franchise loan to pay for start-up fees. For example, you cannot take out this kind of loan if you are starting a small business of your own that is not connected to another business. If you are starting your own franchise, you may also need to take out a different kind of loan; this will depend more on your lending institution than anything else.

Do Franchise Loans Cover All Franchises?

Just because you are opening a franchise business does not mean that you will automatically be qualified for a loan. The Small Business Administration has a longer history of working with some businesses than others. Because of this, you are more likely to be accepted for a loan with one of the businesses the SBA is used to working with. Of course, it should be noted that just because the SBA does not have a certain franchise on its usual list does not mean that getting a loan is impossible. When this is the case, it’s best to go directly to a lending institution for a loan, rather than trying to work through the SBA.

If you know which franchise you want to open and it is covered under the SBA’s list of approved franchises, then taking out this type of loan could be your best option. Make sure to talk to your lending institutions for more details.


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