Securing the Future of Your Business: What Happens After Financing?

You have a great business idea. You’ve planned out the model for your operations and mapped the major milestones for growth and success. You’ve even secured financing to ensure ongoing growth and success. But can your entrepreneurial legacy continue beyond your involvement?

Entrepreneurs and Influence

We have many examples of businesses that have outlived their founders. Apple continues to be a juggernaut years after Steve Jobs passed. The same with GE and Edison, Ford, or any one of the many pioneers in the business world. Small businesses provide jobs locally and nationally, and many of those businesses are directly tied to the revenue of the families of the owners. The truth is that over 60% are the workforce in the United States are employed by family-owned businesses, and those businesses create roughly 80% of the new jobs in the country. Additionally, those businesses impact local communities, as well as the national economy. Wal-Mart, for example, is one of the largest family-owned and run businesses in the world, and they had very humble beginnings. However, ensuring a small business remains successful requires foresight, even if you are running operations by yourself.

Business Legacy and Compassion

Many business owners are fully aware of the impact their companies have on the local and larger economies, but there is another positive footprint that is often overlooked. Businesses provide products and services that improve the lives of customers. Businesses employ people, and those dedicated employees rely on the success of those businesses for income, which goes to improve their own live and those of their loved ones. In the case of family-owned businesses, it is not just the entrepreneur who benefits, but spouses, children, and their families. To take things to a more personal level, most business owners want to have a lasting impact – a legacy – for the world to see long after they have moved on. To balance the equation of legacy and compassion, business owners must take time to look past the balance sheet and create a strategy to ensure long-lasting success for their business, family, and the various communities and spheres they influence.

Make an Impact for Generations to Come

At CounselPro Lending, we help entrepreneurs get the funding they need for everything from niche startups to commercial real estate, growth projects, and everything in between. Our team also works with business owners like you to ensure long term success for their loved ones, their employees, and their communities with long-term planning and strategic financing. To achieve a balance between legacy and compassion, and to make certain there are finances to propel the longevity of your successes for years to come, contact the team at CounselPro Lending today.


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