Non-Stock Investment Options

The stock market is often looked at as the end-all, be-all when it comes to making investments. However, that’s hardly the case. There are many other great investment opportunities for people to take that have nothing to do with Wall Street. Below are some of the best options.

Commercial Real Estate

One great business investment is to either become the sole owner of a piece of commercial real estate or to go in on a property with a partner or group of people. Most often, people who invest in commercial real estate do not buy the property to use for themselves or even for their own business. Instead, they will rent out the building (or part of the building) to other businesses. This helps investors to make a monthly profit right away.

Residential Real Estate

At first glance at the term, it might seem like no one ever invests in residential real estate. However, people who invest in residential property are usually called landlords. Knowing that term, it’s suddenly clear as to how popular and profitable this kind of investment can be.

Making this type of investment is closer to the process of simply taking out any other kind of mortgage than it is to make another type of investment. Typically, an investor will either buy a house or an apartment building to rent out to tenants. Sometimes you may need to renovate the building to make it into a duplex or simply make the house look better to potential renters. This can bring up additional fees, so make sure to consider this before making this type of investment. However, you can begin to make a profit almost as soon as tenants move in.


Sometimes corporations or local governments will need to raise funds for something. When this happens, they sometimes look towards investors to help to get money quickly. One way for them to do this is to offer bonds. With bonds, an investor will pay a set amount of money one time. At a later date determined by the corporation or government selling the bonds, the “loan” will be paid back with interest. This means that a person who buys bonds can earn back their money and more by simply waiting long enough. Of course, make sure to make sure the bonds are reliable before investing in them.

If you are looking for a way to make an investment without getting involved with the stock market, consider one of these three great options. Will you rent to business, become a landlord, or buy bonds? Look into your own finances and figure out which is the best investment for you.


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