How to Increase Cash Flow with Asset-Based Lending

Stimulating your cash flow now and again is a necessary action business owners must take. Naturally, it isn’t always easy to see which moves will net you the biggest gains. While traditional financing options like taking out a bank loan may seem like the only solutions, alternative funding solutions can often prove advantageous. By considering a service like asset-based lending, you can improve your access to capital. This can lead to a number of key benefits for your company in the long run. Consider these points and learn how to use ABL to your advantage.

The Basics of Asset-Based Lending

It is not difficult to understand how a standard ABL option works. With a traditional loan, you are offered an amount based on factors like your credit score. This can disqualify you from accessing the best terms and rates, as showcasing an excellent rating is not easy for many business owners. A loan based on your assets, however, is a bit different. With this financing option, you are given an amount that is determined based on the perceived value of the collateral you put forward.

What Can Be Used as Collateral?

If asset-based lending seems like a good option for your business, you need to think about what collateral can be used to secure the loan. With ABL, there are a few different options available to you. Some borrowers will go with assets like unpaid invoices from clients. Factoring invoices is a flexible service that allows you the chance to stimulate capital whenever the time calls for it. Other assets you can use include equipment, real estate, and tech. Take time to look into the specifics offered by your lender to get a feel for what collateral provides the best results.

Pros and Cons of Asset-Based Lending

There are several benefits to borrowing based on your assets. For one, you can improve your access to capital at a time when the budget is tight. This helps you cover expenses like payroll while also investing in the future of your business. Naturally, as with most alternative financing solutions, you need to look over the fine print. Hidden fees and high-interest rates often come along with such services, which is why you absolutely need to understand what you are getting involved in advance.

When it comes time to improve your access to capital, using an alternative financing solution like asset-based lending can be a great fit. Look into the details and discover whether or not this is a good fit for your future.


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