Grow Your New Business Sustainably for Long-Term Health

Going green has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Because an increasing number of individuals are making eco-conscious decisions when buying products and services, businesses that are unwilling or unable to cater to this mindset will see future-earnings losses. Here is where startups can be opportunistic; in the following business categories, opportunities await those that can incorporate and promote eco-friendly procedures and operations.


Opening a catering business, small restaurant or cafe gives you the opportunity to take control of your supply chain and the daily steps you take to operate the business. Starting in California, restaurants have shown for decades that sourcing foods locally is sustainable not only for the environment, but also for the business model. As a caterer, you could promote the freshness, healthiness and uniqueness of your dishes, which would give you a leg-up on other startups. For international products, such as coffees and chocolates, use and advocate for those that are Fair Trade Certified.

Home Design and Construction

Tons of various materials go into new construction and large remodeling projects. Consider all aspects of these jobs, where you can find opportunities to appeal to business and homeowners alike. Choose sustainably-sourced or recycled lumber, stone and other products; install energy-efficient appliances and systems; promote low-emission carpeting and furnishing; and look to environmentally-conscious disposal solutions.

Landscaping and Home Maintenance

Creating a manicured, colorful yard no longer requires loud, polluting equipment and heavy chemicals. Instead, run your landscaping business using electric mowers and trimmers. Recycle grass clippings and yard waste, skipping cancerous fertilizers. Plant regional pest-resistant, eliminating pesticide use.

Starting a painting business? Look to water-based mixtures, low in volatile organic compounds. Opening a heating operation? Use energy-star compliant parts to replace part of a furnace during an annual inspection, if possible.


Starting a retail business requires your partnering with product suppliers, the number depending on your focus. Eco-products abound that startups can promote and sell either online or through a storefront. You might display chemical-free body and beauty products, for example, are made with natural, healthy ingredients that are created sustainably. You could carry clothing made from organic cotton or cruelty-free sourced down and feathers.
Eco-sustainability and business sustainability are no longer antonymous concepts. In fact, your incorporating eco-friendly missions, goals, objectives, and products in your new business plan is not just good for the health of the Earth; taking these steps will also aid in sustaining your business in a growing world of eco-conscious consumers.


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