Factoring Invoices To Correct Cash Flow Issues

Cash flow issues occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes, there are unexpected financial obligations. Sudden expenses, a project needs extra working capital, or vendor bills are due while money is tied up elsewhere. More often than not, the periodic lag between issuing invoices and customer payments causes a strain on cash flow. For small businesses, cash flow issues can hit harder, causing a drop off in operations and the inability to meet payroll. Fortunately, businesses can correct cash flow issues by factoring invoices.

Factoring Invoices For Fast Working Capital

Instead of waiting on customer payments, which can take upwards of 30 days to arrive, factoring invoices provides a faster solution. By factoring invoices, businesses can receive the revenue they are owed within 24 hours. This provides the capital necessary to keep operations running smoothly, and to pay down any unforeseen expenses.

Correcting Cash Flow Issues

Factoring invoices gives businesses a steady cash flow. In fact, most businesses continue to use invoice factoring services because it provides a centralized revenue source. This ensures a steady cash flow by providing revenue as sales are made, rather than waiting for customer payments.

Not A Loan

Invoice factoring services do not place any debt on the balance sheets. This cash flow solution does not require a credit check on your business. Your company preserves its business credit ratings, so you can seek funding for other aspects, such as expansion. Factoring services can be set up in just a few business days, as opposed to the weeks and months it takes for banks to process a loan.

Finding The Right Services

When looking for invoice factoring services, business should look for a company with the capital resources to handle invoices of any amount, and in large quantities. Invoice factoring is designed to clear out a backlog of unpaid invoices, as well as handle new ones moving forward. This service can be arranged quickly to clear up cash flow issues fast, so your business can get back on track without any disruptions.

Get Cash Flow Issues Fixed Today

If your business is facing cash flow issues, call CounselPro Lending at 1-888-292-3322. We have the capital resources to provide invoice factoring services, as well as a wide range of financing solutions for your business. Reach out to our team for a no-obligation analysis, and find out how we can work for you.


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