Counsel Pro Lending’s Recently Funded Deals | February 2016


1) Counsel Pro Lending was recently able to help a  New York title insurance agency secure $160,000 in Unsecured Lines of Credit with 0% financing for 12months. The Unsecured Lines of Credit allowed the insurance agency to consolidate a high interest bank line, saving thousands in interest.

2) A South Carolina builder with subprime credit was able to secure a $168,000 short-term commercial mortgage with no prepayment penalty through Counsel Pro Lending. The builder is expecting to realize a 70% net return utilizing the ABL product.

3) A New York medical services firm secured a $50,000 acquisition loan through Counsel Pro Lending to acquire partner interest in their company.

4) Counsel Pro Lending recently helped fund a New Jersey elevator consulting firm with a $100,000 revenue based financing. The firm used the working capital to bridge a slow period until receipt of outstanding receivables.

5) A South Carolina Construction Company was able to secure $90,000 in unsecured business lines of credit through Counsel Pro Lending. The line of credit was used to help facilitate the business’ cash flow.

6) Counsel Pro Lending financed a Chicago software and application development company to help the start-up secure an $80,000 line of credit to commence operations.



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