Being Your Own Boss

Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

If you have had enough of the nine-to-five grind and long to gain back freedom, and start making money your own way, there is good news. With the latest technological advances, it has never been easier than to start a business in the United States. Here are some important things you need to know, before you make that leap of faith.

Who is your target audience? Knowing who you will sell your products or services to is almost as important as deciding what to sell. Figure out what you can offer, and then figure out who the people are that need that particular thing.

Legal parameters Work out the legal structure for your business before you get started. Many business owners opt for a limited liability corporation (LLC) because it protects your personal assets from any business lawsuits. Additionally, a good liability insurance policy will cover your business assets.

Finally, invest adequate time and money in creating the right name and logo for your business.

Marketing startups No matter how small your business is, without marketing, you are effectively out of business. So, do not skimp in this area; set up your marketing immediately and fund it well, as it will drive growth for your business. Simple marketing strategies work, like ads based on classic direct marketing in newspapers and magazines. Set up social media profiles and post to them regularly. Consider some public relations work, especially if you are a local business, or write for a local newspaper about relevant topics. 

Create your products or services Many experts say to create the ads first, and then get to work figuring out how to fulfill the promises made in your ad. This forces you to focus on the customer, on solving their problem, and figuring out how to deliver what you offer. 

Regularly review how your sales are going. Is your product or service still relevant to your target audience? Do you need to change your offering, or change your audience? Always be flexible enough to roll with demand and change up your solutions when warranted, and you can’t help but succeed.


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