Inventory Financingcpl_inventory

Maintaining a steady and healthy cash flow is essential to the success of any business. However, lag between customer payments, or the expenses of business growth can often lead to a cash flow strain that deplete cash reserves. CounselPro Lending can help your operations stay in track with our inventory finance program. Our inventory financing provides a debt-free solution so your business can continue to take on customer orders without having to worry about whether or not there is enough capital to cover the cost of inventory and production.

How Our Inventory Financing Program Works

At CounselPro Lending, we will make a deep analysis of your inventory and structure financing based on its value, using the inventory itself as collateral. This gives your business an additional line of capital to draw from, in order to restock supplies and inventory. This capital solution allows businesses to fulfill larger customer requests and take on even larger orders for steady growth.

Contact The Experts At CounselPro Lending

If you are tired of depending on staggered customer payments to cover your inventory costs, or would simply like to have extra capital at your disposal to keep your inventory stocked so you can focus on running ans growing your business, contact our offices. We will offer a no-obligation analysis, and work with you directly to provide the custom financing solutions you need.